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  • Set up your Motorola device in minutes

  • Protect your devices and data from online threats

  • Manage screen time with parental controls

  • Easily and securely share your WiFi with guests

experience a happier connected home where things just work.

test your Internet speed

Get a snapshot of your network’s performance including download speed, upload speed, and what online activities are supported.

secure your work & life online

Protect all your connected devices with advanced cybersecurity, including: auto firmware updates, malware scans, and new device alerts.

  • custom-fit parental controls

    The motosync app makes digital parenting a breeze— create profiles and assign devices to filter content, set time limits, monitor usage, and more.

  • monitor screen time

    Easily keep track of your child’s screen time with detailed reports on Internet usage across all their devices including website history and data usage by hour, day, and week.

  • limit time online

    Set daily screen time limits, or create schedules to restrict Internet access for specific time periods such as homework or bedtime.

  • pause Internet access

    Help your family unplug by easily “pausing the WiFi” for a certain profile, individual device, or the entire home network