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Easy set up. Works as described.

Great Range and Easy Setup!

I installed one unit on each floor of our home and have great wifi connectivity on all 3 levels and most importantly no dropped calls on my Verizon (VZW) cell phone while pacing throughout the house.All of our outdoor wifi based security cameras have good connectivity installed 100'+ from the house.With the mobile app it was easy to setup and configure the devices ( a few minutes per unit). The units are aesthetically pleasing. Looks similar to a small speaker.I highly recommend!

Pricey but worth it! Plus no more useless rental fees

Pros- The set up was incredibly easy with the app. All the devices came with a QR code that you scan to register. I was done with the setup in minutes!- I’m really liking the design, the cloth material and the shape give the wifi pods a speaker aesthetic. They look very similar to the Sonos speakers we have around the house.- The Wi-Fi has been fast and reliable so far! Depending on the device or server I'm connected to, I usually get anywhere from 750 Mbps to 900 Mbps consistently. The highest I've gotten so far has been 973 Mbps.- The biggest pro has been the coverage. Our previous router had problems spreading coverage to the ring doorbell and the garage opener, while this Q14 does both easily.- Last thing, the live chat was extremely helpful! I’ve only had a few questions so far, but I love the fact I can avoid being on hold to get help.Cons- I wish the Q14 came in a black, again I’m a big fan of the design and shape (4 out of 5 stars) but it would easily be a (5 out of 5) if it was available in black or dark grey.- I wish there was another ethernet port available.Overall I have to say I’m super happy with the order. Honestly at first the main motivation for the change was avoiding the modem and router rental fees from Xfinity. This was actually recommended by an Xfinity rep when we called to cancel our cable tv and drop back to only internet. I was paying rental fees of $25 a month ($300 a year) to Xfinity for the xFi package, so my new setup should pay for itself in just a year and a half.All that being said, I was pleasantly surprised to see, I’m getting far better speeds with the Q14 than the xfinity equipment. Plus now my network is future proof with WiFi 6e tech

Best WiFi router I've ever had!

I have two of these, and so far they provide the best performance, range, and stability I have ever gotten from a WiFi router. Speeds are always fast, connections stay up even when moving around, and everything connects easily including phones, TV's, laptops, and home automation devices. I can also stay connected in areas of the house and yard where I never used to get a good connection. Can't say enough good stuff about it!ALSO: The 1-star review makes no sense, this person didn't say anything about the product itself. They are just complaining that it didn't work with their other Motorola product, which it never claims to support. That person needed to do better homework and read the listing, it never claims to work with the MT8733, which is a cable gateway that doesn't have support for mesh, just like almost all other cable gateways. It's an unfair review of the product.

Matthew R.
Fast WiFi. Potentially easy install. Good coverage. Phone app only to administer.

The TLDR version of this review is: The performance and range is really good. The setup requires a simple phone app. The setup was a bit of a pain for me but has the potential to be very simple. 6E Mesh has the potential to really improve WiFi and load balancing. I couldn't quite give it 5 stars because of the limited setup options and lack of a browser based tool.This is my first experience with a WiFi 6E Mesh router. I initially attempted to connect it to my Netgear 7800C Cable modem/WiFi router. I had some issues getting the 'expander' or second part of the mesh system working. I ended up buying a dedicated cable modem and starting from scratch on the setup. This time it was easier to setup. The title says "potentially easy install" because I had some issues but I see how it could be pretty easy. My only issue was getting the two units to talk to each other. (probably because the extenders firmware upgrade failed but I have no way to know for sure)My biggest complaint about the router is how it must update the firmware on the units before it will work but the only way to set it up or administer it is by using the Motosync application for iPhone or Android. I do wish you could set it up using a web browser from a computer. I wish it told me what was going on and I wish it didn't take so long to get an error. When you type in the IP address of the router from a computer, you get two QR cards to download either the iPhone app or the Android app. There is nothing of value there.The app is pretty easy to use. It should be fairly easy to setup. I don't see as many options as my full featured routers have had in the past. There are options like port forwarding and everything is working pretty well so far. (so maybe I don't need the other options) For many people, less is more. I could see a lot of people wanting it to be very simple and there are only so many features that they would ever want to use. I would suggest setting it up and then being patient. A couple of times the app said to wait and it took 10 minutes or more. I spent about 30 minutes setting it up after I bought a dedicated cable modem. I would also suggest completely closing the phone app and starting it over because it doesn't seem to update at times unless you do this. These are the reasons I say that I would rather use a web browser. The app doesn't seem to be quick to respond or super reliable. (it closed on its on once on my iPhone)That being said, the speed is great. The coverage is really good too. The units are nice looking, make no noise that I can detect and probably do not have any moving parts or fans.I can't wait to try this with a newer WiFi 6E device. For now, it seems that the 6GHz band is used just to communicate between the two devices. This band is new and there shouldn't been much if any interference from neighbors until they start upgrading.The unit can pick the band that works best. I named my 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks the same name as they were on my old router. I used the same password as well. Devices started connecting pretty quickly.Actually I used a capital letter in the SSID for one of the networks because the iPhone likes to start with a capital letter and although Windows 10 computers figured out that it was the same password, other devices didn't connect until I made that character lower case. (I can accept some blame for this)There is no way to define the networks as 2.4 or 5.8. You don't need to. You get to setup a total of two networks that you can name whatever you like. The router will pick the band automatically for any device that connects to it. It is supposed to switch between bands as well. So if you get too far for 5GHz to work, it will switch over to 2.4GHz. (a nice feature of these new 6E routers)Eventually, we will start using 6GHz devices and it will pick that frequency for those devices. I should load balance between the mesh units automatically as well. As people adopt the 6GHz band, that band will start to suffer from interference but since these 6E routers pick the band, it will pick between 3 bands instead of the two we available in the past. (2.4 and 5GHz) That should help to avoid the problems that exist currently. I am strongly considering upgrading the M.2 network cards in our laptops to WiFi 6E to take advantage of a new band right away before my neighbors start using it. I did this when 5GHz came out and it was a very good WiFi experience. (congested frequencies are a big problem for WiFi, get it early and enjoy the benefits)In the past, I liked the ability to pick the channels that my router communicated with. If this router is smart enough, it might pick the channel better than I can. That is my hope. In theory, my neighbors WiFi routers will be automatically picking channels as well. Unless you have tech savvy neighbors and you communicate with each other about which channels you wish to use, having the router pick the channels is yo...